Wingate Day Nursery

Wingate House

Raglan Avenue

Off Holme Wood Road

Fell Lane


West Yorkshire

BD22 6BJ


Tel: 01535 610891

We aim to provide a happy and healthy secure environment to combine maximum fun and stimulus, whilst developing children’s own personalities and reaching their full potential.  Qualified and experienced staff will spend time individually with each child initiating learning and educational skills in preparation for school. Our resources, inside and out are carefully chosen and maintained to a high standard allowing children to progress and develop at their own pace. There are no televisions at our nursery.


We will treat children as individuals where they can feel respected, valued and confident.


We will work closely with parents at all times respecting and valuing their views and opinions as prime carer of their child.  


We will respect and value each child’s individual needs taking into account their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, home language, disabilities, family background, lifestyle or dietary needs.

Our Mission Statement