Wingate Day Nursery

Wingate House

Raglan Avenue

Off Holme Wood Road

Fell Lane


West Yorkshire

BD22 6BJ


Tel: 01535 610891

The nursery operates a Key Person (or deputy key

person) system.


The main features of this system are:


• The same, named practitioner is responsible for

the physical needs of a small number of individual

babies and toddlers. Babies and toddlers are

given the chance to become familiar with one caring

adult in particular and the adult gets to know the

child. The key person is responsible for settling

the child, responding to their feelings and

acknowledging any distress.


• The key person is especially important in early weeks so that a child does not feel overwhelmed with newness.


• Very young children need to be able to recognise the face of the person who changes them, feeds them or who they first see on waking from a nap. The key person can respond sensitively to individual babies and toddlers, know their preferences and develop personal rituals of songs and smiles.


• It is equally important for the key person to develop a friendly working relationship with the child’s parents/carers, who may also be confused by all the new faces of a nursery team. It is not that parents can only talk to the key person, but that there is a familiar face in the early weeks. Parents will get to know other team members, although the key worker will still usually be the one to share the events of the day and communicate important information about the baby’s wellbeing and health.


• The key person will also be responsible for keeping a baby or young child’s development records, to track their learning and to make detailed observations. Of course, other practitioners will contribute to the records.


• The Key Person will be responsible for the child's Progress Check at Two Years Old (see separate policy)


• The key person must seek to engage and support parents and or carers in guiding their children's development at home and if necessary help families engage with more specialist support if appropriate.


• Due to shifts systems, holiday and illness a deputy key person will be allocated. It is important that parents are not faced with a number of less familiar faces. In the early weeks, it is far more comfortable as a parent to know that it will be one of two people to whom the parents entrust their child with at the beginning of the day.



Key Person